Banks Rock Track

Banks Rock is a granite outcrop at the southern end of Victoria Rock Road, 200 kilometres east of Hyden. It is on the west side of Lake Johnston. Access to the rock is not immediately clear. It confuses and often defeats people wishing to visit the rock. There is no direct track off Victoria Rock Road.

The way into the rock starts at a woodline off Victoria Rock Road five kilometres north of the Old Norseman Road at 31°55’39″S 120°47’33″E. Follow the woodline north for 1.2 kilometres to 31°55’3″S 120°47’46″E and turn left. The ‘carpark’ at the rock is 3.5 kilometres along a very twisty/turning track.

Banks Rock is technically a monadnock or inselberg. It was named by explorer Frank Hann in September 1901 during his trip from Ravensthorpe to Southern Cross.

Read more in Do Not Yield To Despair by Mike Donaldson and Ian Elliot, 1998, Hesperian Press, Carlisle.


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