Groper Bluff Track

Groper Bluff is a 50 metre high, one kilometre long headland that separates Wray Bay and Cheyne Bay on the south coast of WA between Albany and Bremer Bay..

The rough and rutted limestone track leads to within about 150 metres of the Bluff itself.

The Groper Bluff Track leaves Pallinup Road about 2.5 kilometres before Pallinup Beach. The first 2.5 kilometres of the Track, while bumpy, and in places closely vegetated, is reasonably easy.

Around this point two jump ups are encountered and the Track gets increasingly tighter,  rougher, and more rutted. Tree roots protrude onto the Track. Sharp limestone rocks are an ever-present hazard. Overhanging branches may cause damage to  a vehicle fitted with a roof top tent.

Vehicles with IFS and larger vehicles such as F250s, RAMs, Z71s and the like will be challenged at a number of tight corners along the Track.

Nine hundred metres from the bluff itself and three hundred metres from a ‘turnaround point’ the Track narrows, rises sharply and turns on this rise. The reward for not making the turn correctly is driving over the edge of the spine. It is wise to have a spotter at this point to direct vehicles safely.

From this point there are spectacular views to the north and south.

It is not practicable to access the end of the Bluff by vehicle.

The return journey is more difficult than the drive in.


Tackled sensibly the Groper Bluff Track is quite ‘doable’ without damage to vehicles other than scratches. Heavy rains (250mm) not long before our visit washed away a lot of sand from the Track, exposing potentially damaging sharp rocks and made the trip more difficult than previous excursions.


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