Remote Tracks in the Great Western Woodlands

Lake Sharpe Track

The turnoff to Lake Sharpe is difficult to see, being partly overgrown, and it would be wise to travel along it for a few hundred metres to confirm it is the correct route. Just over two kilometres in the margin of the lake appears. Saltbush and bluebush country. The track follows the edge of the lake for 14 kilometres. Classic outback Australia.

In a number of places the track is difficult to follow and it may need a bit of investigation on foot to find the way forward.

As the track leaves the lake it merges with a recently made [2020] two blade firebreak/containment line. Closer to the Lake King Road it narrows to one blade width. This firebreak makes a diversion to the east, however, after a kilometre it again, reassuringly, turns north towards the Lake King Road.

North of the lake much of the country has been burnt out [2020]. It is surmised that it was to combat this fire that the firebreak/containment line had been made – probably by a loader. In some places it disappears or is very difficult to follow.

Surveyor T.A. Ellison named Lake Sharpe in 1929 while doing ‘classification surveying’ but he failed to record after whom he named it.

After a couple of Y junctions the track comes out onto the Lake King-Norseman Road.

Lake Hope Track

Twenty kilometres of westward travel from where the Lake Sharpe reaches the Lake King-Norseman Road takes one to the start of the Lake Hope Track. The track heads north from the Lake King-Norseman Road.

This remote track leads through the Bremer Range, along the Honman Ridge and past Lake Hope to the Maggie Hayes mine on the Hyden-Norseman Road. There are numerous shotlines crossing the track along its length.

Lake Hope was named by explorer Frank Hann in 1901 after Joseph Hope, Chief Draftsman of the Lands and Surveys Department, 1896 to 1919.


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