Moogooree Track

While technically the Mt Sandiman Moogooree Track is still a gazetted road (with a minimal amount of the usual outback road ‘furniture’) it is no longer maintained and is in actuality no more than a station track.

It is an interesting drive with a range of different conditions including dips and gutters, washaways and long sections of loose sand. You will need to pay attention to avoid vehicle damage. Be ready to brake at creeks, dips, washouts, gutters and floodways and allow the nose of the vehicle to come up at the appropriate time. Keep speed below 40-45 kph. There are tight turns, sandy patches, rough gravel sections and good patches of track that can easily lull one into a false sense that the road is fine.

Start at Mouont Sandiman station homestead and drive through the yards, through a creek with a windmill just past it, to Woodcock Creek three kilometres further on (it may be difficult to recognise as a creek). 1500 metres past this second creek the road splits into a Y junction. Take the right fork. This is signposted Williambury Road. The adventure starts from this point and continues for the next 53 kilometres to Moogooree.

After Moogooree Station homestead the road north to Lyndon Road is maintained as a normal outback road.


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