Datjoin Well

Datjoin Well is five kilometres west of Wialki. The turnoff to the well is on the north side of Bonnie Rock-Burakin Road, a few hundred metres west of Clark Road. It is well signposted.

The well was dug by sandalwood cutters in the early 1900s.

This place is notable as the hideout where a fugitive from justice, Lionel Arthur ‘Barney’ Brockman, evaded the police from May to September 1970. He camped with his wife and 12 children in caves around the base of Datjoin Rock. He had various stashes of food around the area, stolen from local stores. He also stole vehicles in the Beacon area. In September one of his camps was discovered near the vermin proof fence. When Brockman made his way back to Datjoin, police and helpers surrounded the rock. Police moved in to capture him but found only his wife and 10 younger children there. Brockman and his two older sons were eventually arrested in Perenjori, some months later.

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