Karolin Wells


309 kilometres (direct line) ENE of Perth.

19 kilometres west of Bullfinch along Koorda Bullfinch Road.

Karolin Rock where the wells are located is five kilometres south-east of the better-known Baladgie Rock.

The wells are located in Reserve 13230.

GPS Coordinates of Well


683496 metres East
16570743 metres North




From Great Eastern Highway

Head north on Bodallin North Road for 44 kilometres.


The three wells are in reasonable condition, however, each has trees growing close to their dry stone wall that threatens the integrity of the structure.

The wells receive harvested water from the 20 hectares (200,000 square metres) of granite outcrop - one (the Filter Well) directly and two (the Main Well and the Walk In Well) as overflow from the Filter Well.

The Main Well has an overflow outlet to low ground to prevent the immediate surrounds of the three wells from being waterlogged in times of large flows from the rock. Note that neither the Main Well nor the the Walk In Well receive direct inflow from the harvest wall around the Rock. This 'harvested' water is directed only to the Filter Well and overflow is then re-directed to the Main Well and the Walk In Well via stone lined channels.

The inlet channel from the harvest wall to the Filter Well is blocked by vegetation and in poor condition and unlikely to allow water to flow.

The short connection between the Filter Well and the Main Well has fallen in.

The connection between the Filter Well and Walk In Well has not been found - only the inlet opening in the wall of the Walk In Well.

Some rocks at the entrance to the Walk In Well have fallen in, however, the overall integrity of the structure is not compromised by this.


Shire of Yilgarn.


There are three wells on the north side of Karolin Rock. Surveyor H.S. King  recorded the name of the rock in 1889 while he was actively surveying the area (FB 7 p. 49, T.G. plan 313), although clearly the wells were constructed after that - more than likely in the early 1890s.

Renowned bushman Gus Luck used Karolin Rock as a stopping place to overhaul his camels' saddle during a prospecting trip from Southern Cross to Ularring and beyond in the 1890s (The Outback Trail, p. 76).

From 1988 until 2021 the Bicentennial plaque for Carolling Rocks (current day Karalee Rock) was mistakenly installed at this location until removed by members of the Explorers Well and Track Project and relocated to its correct position at Karalee Rocks.