White Man Rock Well

White Man Rock Well at Moujakine, 11 kilometres north-east of Trayning. There are a number of directional signs to White Man Rock but none that mark the actual entry to the Rock. One hopes that the Shire of Trayning will one day rectify that deficiency.

While surveying in the Moujakine area in 1889, Surveyor H.S. King located an unusual quartz pillar on a ridge of quartz in the NW corner of Charles Glass’s property that he termed ‘the White Man’.

When Alex Glass and his mother found a small nugget of gold while they were cleaning out a well at Moujakine early in 1887, the Newcastle and Northam Settlers Association commissioned a prospector named Colreavy to examine the area. This led to the discovery of the Golden Valley goldfield by Greaves, Payne and Anstey which sparked off the Yilgarn gold rushes.

The historic well is very close to White Man Rock (in the same vehicle park). The well has been fenced and is reasonable condition, if a little overgrown.