Durgcuttin Well


232 kilometres (straight line) ENE of Perth.

Five kilometres north of Merredin.

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The condition of the well is unknown..


Hunt first recorded the name as Gnerdcutting in March 1864 on his Koolyanobbing Expedition. It was not until his 1865 Wells and Tracks Expedition that he built the well.

17 February 1865 … 5h p.m. native [Policeman Mundale] and man returned form Durdgutting reporting but little water in the native well.

20 February 1865 … 5ha.m. portion of the party engaged sinking a well, remainder collecting stone, timber etc. for stoning of and caseing in the same.

20 February 1865 … 10h a.m. having completed the well No.8, I moved forward with the remainder of the party…

Durgacuttin was an important stop (Camp 9) on Hunt’s 1865 Wells and Track Expedition, linking Totadgin and Burracoppin. It fulfilled the purposes for which it was intended when Hunt had to send men towards York to bring up stores.