Moorine Rock Well – Well No. 11


306 kilometres (straight line) ENE of Perth.

303 kilometres from York along the Hunt Track.

16 kilometres north-west of the hamlet of Moorine Rock.

GPS Coordinates


Zone 50J
688456 metres East
6543427 metres North




The well is on the southern side of the rock. It has been restored.


The wheat farming town on the Great Eastern Highway 20 kilometres west of Southern Cross took its name from the nearby rock. It was originally named Parkers Road but was changed in 1926 because it was causing confusion with nearby Parkers Range.

C.C. Hunt first recorded the name for Moorine Rock in 1865.

27 February 1865. Monday. 7h a.m. sent the bulk of the party forward with the constable and my native to guide them, having given them instructions to open out the wells at Boodlookin, Yorkarakine, Moorine and Kercanie, and to mark a track and clear.

17 March 1865 … at Moorine, the whole of the party collecting stone, timber, rushes etc. for hut and well

His team finished the well on 26 March 1865.