Gnarlbine West Pioneer Well

The pioneer well and Gnarlbine Rock (West)  was refurbished over Friday and Saturday 2-3 June 2023.

Prior to work on the well being undertaken by Members of the Cockburn 4WD Club and the Mitsubishi 4WD Owners Club it was in very poor condition and not easily recognisable as a well. But more importantly it was virtually inaccessible. Thick, tangled, sharp, scratchy scrub effectively hid its location until Scott crawled through the nearly impenetrable barrier on hands and knees to find it when we were at Gnarlbine connecting up Hunt Track in September 2021.

The ground is softer in June making it easier to clear around the well. However, it can be bitterly cold at Gnarlbine/Yerdanie in June.

The well had been lost for 40 or 50 years, perhaps more.