Kodjerning Well Refurbishment

Kodjerning Well was refurbished over Friday and Saturday 4-5 June 2021.

Prior to work on the well being undertaken by Members of the Cockburn 4WD Club and the Mitsubishi 4WD Owners Club it was in very poor condition and possibly in a state of imminent collapse.

The surrounding fence had dropped, the gate wouldn’t open, vegetation had encroached onto and into the well, water from rainfall had caused severe erosion behind the rock wall of the well and overall it wasn’t in good shape. Three large holes had opened up around nearly half the circumference of the well.

The task for the team was to clear the vegetation, fix the damage and prevent it recurring.

Work on the well (and that for Moorine Rock Well) plus the relocation  of the incorrectly-sited Bicentennial plaque at Karolin Rock to Karalee Rocks was authorised by Shire of Yilgarn CEO Peter Clarke. After filling our 1000 litre IBC at the hamlet of Moorine Rock on Great Eastern Highway, coordinated by Rob Bosenberg from the Shire of Yilgarn, we drove to Kodjerning Well and commenced work.