After lunch we drove into Merredin to refuel and then took the Bruce Rock road south to Totadgin Well. Along the way we stopped at a Main Roads WA Network Performance Site that Jon had spotted when heading into Merredin in the morning.

Jon explained to the group how NPS works. We moved a few kilometres south to Totadgin Reserve for our second project.

Totadgin Well is in a Reserve.

When we started work on improving Totadgin Well, we Initially removed only a small amount of vegetation and one large dead tree that had fallen against another tree.

However, as we cleared the branches away we could see a low embankment around the well. We cleared more scrub and trees until the full extent of the well was revealed for the first time in more than 30 years.

Job completed, back to  camp. Views of Baandee Lakes along the way.

Joe prepared and cooked a damper that he shared with the group. Excellent.

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